What does your Fortune say? Break open the Virtual Fortune Cookie below to find out. DO NOT whack your screen! Just click on the cookie below and follow the instructions. You can do it! Please DO NOT try to eat the cookie!

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Virtual Fortunes Cookies are now fresh from the oven and ready for you to send to everyone! They're almost as good as the real thing.. (Ok we lied, they're better!) The best thing is that they're totally FREE, and totally FUN!

You can send deep thoughts, love notes, ancient proverbs, words of encouragement, funny jokes.. even fortunes.. all in Fortune Cookie form! The only limit is your imagination (darn!). It just doesn't get any better than this! Keep a close watch, fantastic updates are coming soon.. it's sure to get better.

Ok now, go on.. send somebody a Virtual Fortune Cookie. They create REAL smiles!
You do like to make people smile, don't you?